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Mustaqbali offering free school uniforms to students

Mustaqbali school children received their new uniforms and stationery through ‘the enhancing access to education for orphan children project– eighth year’ which is implemented by Taawon in partnership with El Wedad Society for Community Rehabilitation in Gaza with fund from Abraaj Group. The project is considered one of Mustaqbali’s important projects that targets 1041 students

Art of Expression

“We sing for our dreams to be bigger, for flowers, for almonds, for homes and people. We sing for land that we love.” with such words a group of Mustaqbali children sang during the final ceremony of the project “Remedial Education activities” funded by Abraaj Group, supervised by Taawon and implemented in partnership with Tamer

Extracurricular activities within the Support Education Project

Tamer Institute for Community Education has implemented several activities for expressive arts aimed at promoting culture and expression, and supporting knowledge and creative production within the Future Education Program funded by the Abraaj Group and under the supervision of Taawon organization. The expressive arts included music, theater, public speaking and technological applications. A group of

Towards a decent life for women in Gaza

Mustaqbali project entitled “Towards a decent life for women with self-reliance” was concluded. This project was funded by the Penny Appeal, under Taawon supervision and implemented by the Center for Women’s Affairs in Gaza. The project, which lasted for several months, targeted a group of widows who lost their husbands during the Israeli aggression on

Voluntary initiative to grow olive trees in Gaza

With the participation of a number of graduates and other students enrolled in universities, the Palestinian Foundation for Education and Employment implemented an initiative to plant olive trees in agricultural land damaged by the Israeli aggression in the area of Juhr Al-Deek. This project aims to empower young orphans and enhance their access to the

Full educational scholarships for Mustaqbali students

With fund from Abraaj Group, Taawon covered the college fees of the second semester on 2016/2017 for 32 students, orphans of 2008/2009 war on Gaza, through its local partner University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS). This is part of the ongoing project “Supporting education opportunities and vocational training and development for Mustaqbali youth – year

Enhancing self-expression

Mustaqbali program, through local partner Tamer Institute for Community Education, implemented many performing arts activities to enhance the culture of targeted orphans, their self-expression and supporting their creativity and knowledge. The activities were part of the Mustaqbali remedial education project which is funded by Abraaj Group through Taawon. Performing arts included music created by Al-Sununu choirs

Fees for university students

Enhancing youth opportunities in high education and vocational training is project targeting Mustaqbali youth for the eighth year. The project is implemented by Taawon in partnership with the University College for Applied Sciences (UCAS), funded by Abraaj Group. Through the project, university fees for 32 students have recently been covered for the current and coming

Mustaqbali football competition 2017

Mustaqbali football competition ended with the winning of “Khan Younis and Rafah” team at the first rank. The competition which was held at Gaza Sports Club was the final winter co-curricular activity, implemented by Taawon in partnership with Tamer Institute for Community Education, funded by Abraaj Group. Six teams of Mustaqbali children played in the

PEFE organized training for Mustaqbali youth

Funded by the Abraaj Group in association with Taawon, Palestine Education for Employment (PEFE) organized a training on “Workplace Success” for youth from “Mustaqbali” in Gaza as part of a project that empowers orphaned youth and promotes their access to job opportunities. The training targets 25 youth benefitting from vocational training project, and it is