Letter from the Chairman – Mustaqbali

“Mustaqbali was launched at the World Economic Forum Meeting on the Middle East at the Dead Sea, under the auspices of His Majesty King Abdulla II of Jordan and Klaus Schwab Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum. 

The program was set up by The Abraaj Group, in collaboration with Taawon (Welfare Association), to respond to the critical needs of 1,804 Gazan children orphaned as a result of 2008/2009 war. Abraaj’s vision was to create a positive future for these children by supporting them in critical aspects of their lives, including clothing, education, psychological support and social development, allowing them to blossom into the responsible citizens of tomorrow.

In that context, the program was designed to run for a total of 22 years, by which time each and every one of the orphans would have become independent and self-sufficient through solid education, employment or vocational training.

Our approach is holistic and grounded in robust metrics. It follows the evolution of every child, year after year, to ensure we have sustainable impact in the community. Through the program, we have achieved significant results as hundreds of children were enrolled in pre-school and first grade, adults graduated from higher education or vocational training. Over 1000 children who were in need of medical interventions have been treated. A number of start-ups have been seeded, benefiting Palestinian families. We are extremely proud of these achievements and look forward to the next 14 years!

I would like to encourage you to read and follow some of the personal stories of the Mustaqbali children which I am sure will inspire you to join us in our endeavor.”


Fred Sicre

Managing Director, The Abraaj Group

Chairman of the Board, Mustaqbali