Mustaqbali is governed by two bodies: the Foundation Council and the Program Steering Committee.

The Foundation Council meets semi-annually to review the program, and to approve any strategic issues as needed. It consists of the following members:

  • From Abraaj Group
    • Fred Sicre: Managing Director, The Abraaj Group and Chairman of the Board, Mustaqbali
    • Shireen Dajani, Director, The Abraaj Group
  • From the Taawon
    • Faisal Alami: The Chairman of the Board of Trustees
    • Zuhair Alami, BoT member, Taawon
    • Nabil Qaddumi, BoT member, Taawon
    • Tafeeda Jarbawi, Director General, Taawon
  • The Regulated & Qualified Council Member
    • Frederick Deacon: Secretary to the Foundation Council, representative from Whitmill Trust Company, Limited, (A Company licensed to establish and administer Jersey Foundations and Regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission).
  • The Secretariat Team
    • Khaled Daoudi, Director of Program Operations, Taawon

The Program Steering Committee meets semiannually to review the program’s technical progress before submitting it to the Program Council. It consists of the following members:

  • From Abraaj Group:
    • Shireen Dajani, Associate Director, Abraaj Group
    • Ashish Dave, Partner, The Abraaj Group
  • From Taawon
    • Khaled Daoudi, Director of Program Operations, Taawon
    • Baher Zamamir, Director of Finance, Taawon
    • Naser Al Aloul, Director of Resource Development & Communication, Taawon
  • Local Technical Staff (Gaza):
    • Fadi Elhindi, Gaza area Manager, Taawon
    • Maha Muhaisen, Mustaqbali Program Manager, Taawon