Despite Gaza’s challenging circumstances, we have achieved significant impact over the past five years.


  • 1,500 children were enrolled in schools, with consistent academic success.
    • Over 550 children were enrolled in Kindergarten;
    • 1,331 students gained access to remedial education classes, with an 88% success rate;
    • 221 youth were enrolled in higher education institutions; and
    • 66 students graduated from institutions of higher education. 


  • At the outset of the program, a drastic 88% of targeted children suffered from at least one health problem. After a year of treatment, the percentage fell by a staggering 40%.
  • 153 children with disabilities were given access to physical therapy sessions.
  • 400 children received medical treatment.
  • Over 400 children were successfully provided with psychosocial support sessions.
  • 100 women benefited from psychological counseling sessions.

Career Development:

  • 67 entrepreneurs received seed-funding to kick-start their own small businesses.
  • 221 Mustaqbali graduate students were trained to qualify for entry to the labor market.
  • 38 young people joined Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programs and apprenticeships.
  • 100 youth were provided with capacity building in career skills, work ethics, and life skills.
  • 26 higher education graduates gained employment, while 7 graduates obtained internship opportunities.