Voluntary initiative to grow olive trees in Gaza

With the participation of a number of graduates and other students enrolled in universities, the Palestinian Foundation for Education and Employment implemented an initiative to plant olive trees in agricultural land damaged by the Israeli aggression in the area of Juhr Al-Deek. This project aims to empower young orphans and enhance their access to the labour market, with the funding of Abraaj and under the supervision of Taawon organization.

The aim of the initiative was to maximize the role of youth in volunteer work, increase their connection to their land and enhance the idea of resistance, as well as highlighting the importance of the agricultural sector as part of the resistance movement of the Palestinian people and the most important dilemmas faced by this sector.

The youth participated in roaming between agricultural lands and underground wells in the area, by visiting some farmers, listening to their stories and experiences with the land and agriculture, and working with the workers in the manufacture of excess vegetable foliage in the market. They also planted 80 olive seedlings in these lands to instil their spirit of volunteering and strengthen their connection to the land.

It is noteworthy that a future program is an integrated program launched in 2009 after the war on Gaza directly. It has been designed for 22 years to enable orphaned children in Gaza and to provide them with a decent life by providing them with educational opportunities, physical and psychological health and skills that will motivate them to become productive and active members of society. The program represents a partnership between the Abraaj Group and the Taawon.