Tasneem: When Medical Treatment Lights up a Life

Healthcare & Education Support Programs 

Tasneem was experiencing severe vision problems in her daily life. Her vision problem became even more apparent at school. “I couldn’t see what was written on the blackboard; I couldn’t even read my books,” Tasneem remembers.   After a medical check-up, doctors discovered that Tasneem suffered from strabismus in both her eyes, which was critically affecting her eyesight. After her diagnosis, Tasneem underwent successful surgery and is now fully recovered.  To make up for the lag that was caused by her condition, Tasneem has enrolled in the remedial education program to ensure that she will reach her highest academic potential.

“I can see now! I’m really excited about school and have no doubt that my performance will improve,” reports Tasneem.  Thanks to the assistance Mustaqbali was able to provide, Tasneem’s outlook and performance have significantly improved and she is looking forward to a brighter future.