Staying on Track: Enhancing Skills and Capabilities

Higher Education Support Programs

The shift from high school to university is not an easy one. Students find themselves overwhelmed by a new way of learning, and a whole new world where they have to make new friends upon admission into university.   At Mustaqbali, we work with university students throughout their entire educational journey, and especially during their freshman, year to ease their transition into college life.

“As a freshman at university, I was overwhelmed and simply had no idea what to do,” says Dina, reflecting on her first year as an undergraduate student. “Mustaqbali’s different projects really helped me through my study. I participated in several helpful training courses. More importantly, I took Mustaqbali’s advice and joined the Community Initiatives Team. The experience changed my life, and I’m eager to get involved with more projects every year,” elaborated Dina.

Shatha, another student who is part of Mustaqbali’s higher education projects told us: “After assisting me throughout high school, Mustaqbali is now helping me pursue my academic dreams. When I look back, I couldn’t be more proud of the progress I’ve made in the past year. I now speak English more confidently and have developed my computer skills; two things that make learning at an undergraduate level much easier. All the training courses offered by Mustaqbali were extremely useful and I look forward to learning even more from the program.”