Remedial Education: A Source of Confidence for Mustaqbali’s Children

Our teaching methods are based on the philosophy that effective learning only happens when students love their subjects.  This is why we provide teachers with innovative techniques and teaching approaches that help them cater to each student’s individual learning style, motivating students not only to learn, but to excel.

Fourteen-year-old Mohamed is a shining example of the success of our approach.  Mohamed was struggling at school, especially in math, which he found both complicated and boring. After joining Mustaqbali’s remedial education program, Mohammed’s grades improved dramatically; a direct result of his tutors’ support and innovative approach.

“I was getting low grades at school and that was really depressing. But now, my overall grade has jumped from below 55 percent to 74 percent! My mother is so proud of me, and is very supportive,” Mohamed states proudly.