“I will persist until I succeed”

Asmaa Al Bearam, a Remedial Education Project beneficiary in the Mustaqbali Program, has taken the Tawjihi exam for the second time with the goal of achieving high scores to qualify her for a specialization in dentistry, despite achieving 90% in Tawjihi last year. To everyone’s delight, Asmaa successfully achieved 95.3% and was admitted to the dentistry major she dreamt of since she was a child.

“This year was totally different as it was full of challenge to get a higher result. No one knew that I was taking the Tawjihi exam again except my mom who supported me,” says Asmaa

Asmaa has a passion for reading:  “I can’t study while I am surrounded with people, I like studying alone to have a greater space to focus and do my assignments.”

On overcoming her challenges, Asmaa says: “I finished Tawjihi last year and got 90% but the result did not qualify me to study Dentistry, therefore; I specialized in Pharmacy upon my family advice. I finished the first and second semesters at university and achieved high scores, but my dream to become a dentist was something I wanted to pursue. It was then when I told my mother about my decision to take the exam again. The Tawjihi final exams were 3 months away and my university exams were almost at the same time. I took the university exams first and after only one month, I took the Tawjihi exam and got 95.3% which qualified me to study dentistry. I am now admitted at Al Azhar University and studying the major I have always been dreaming of. It’s been an exciting journey!”

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