Dare to dream

Overcoming a challenging environment to study at, Narjies Alrahal had succeeded in achieving 88.3% in the general secondary school certificate, opening doors to pursuing her dreams at university.

Mustaqbali program supported her education in school and continued to support her university schooling, despite family pressures to be married.

Armed with all educational support, including fees, stationary, books expenses, in addition to special training courses to enhance her soft skills and computer skills, Narjies finished her university and received her BSc in psychosocial science, with an overall average 86%.

During her studies, she volunteered with local NGOs as an animator, and during the assault on Gaza in 2014, she volunteered with UNRWA to provide psychosocial support to displaced communities at schools.

Today, she works with remedial education projects, as a psychosocial specialist. She finds her job a fulfilling one, as she can relate to and assist children in the same environment she grew up in.

Narjies says; “When I was at school, I used to study in a room not exceeding 2mx2m, and helped take care of my younger brothers and sisters. Mustaqbali encouraged me to be  different, to dare to dream and to find my right way. I am happy to share my story with Mustaqbali families and others to show the impact it has fostered for me and other orphans.”

Mustaqbali works towards empowering young people with the skills required to enter the labor market and/or to lead entrepreneurial lives through career development tools such as: business startups, capacity building and management training, technical and vocational training, apprenticeships and internships.