Alaa’: The First Step in a Long Journey

Rehabilitation Services for Children with Disabilities

Alaa’ was born with a physical disability. Her mother struggled to care for her, in a harsh environment with scarce resources and services available to children with disabilities in Gaza. With Mustaqbali’s support, the five-year old’s condition has dramatically improved, after being given access to rehabilitation and physical therapy.

Alaa’s mother testifies that, “Alaa’ is better than she has ever been. She’s more mobile and independent, and relies on herself to perform many tasks. The improvement isn’t just physical but also psychological, and everyone can see how much happier she is now.  Alaa’ is always asking about the therapists who help her.”

Alaa’ is currently enrolled at a specialized kindergarten, and Mustaqbali will continue to follow up on her progress and provide all necessary support to ensure that she continues to develop and reach her full potential.