Remedial classes for Mustaqbali children

Every year, Mustaqbali ensures the right of education to children at all educational stages, from kindergarten through to undergraduate university studies. We provide students with: full educational scholarships, educational supplies including uniforms, books, and stationery, access to remedial and educational support classes; and extra-curricular activities that foster creativity, leadership and citizenship.

The largest number of Mustaqbali students are at the primary and secondary stages. Our remedial and educational support classes are vital for the children as such intervention shapes their characters and improve their school results.

Recently, with fund from Abraaj Group in association with Taawon, our local partner Tamer Institute for Community Education started the eighth year remedial education project which targets children orphaned by the 2008/2009 assault on Gaza.

Project remedial and revision activities started in seven hosting centers in the Gaza Strip distributed according to orphans’ locations to prepare students for exams.

“We provide education sessions that include extra-curricular activities during winter and summer holidays to improve the skills and talents of the children.”, said Abeer Daher, project coordinator. “Activities include creative writing, public speaking, photography, film-making, sports and music.”

She added, “Children will have discovery trips to historical and educational areas in the Gaza Strip and that will help them be aware of their environment, past and present.”

Mustaqbali program is a holistic 22-year initiative that empowers orphaned children with the skills and opportunities necessary to lead healthy, independent and productive lives. Currently, we work with 1,522 children and 471 foster families.