PEFE organized training for Mustaqbali youth

Funded by the Abraaj Group in association with Taawon, Palestine Education for Employment (PEFE) organized a training on “Workplace Success” for youth from “Mustaqbali” in Gaza as part of a project that empowers orphaned youth and promotes their access to job opportunities.

The training targets 25 youth benefitting from vocational training project, and it is the first group in the project as there will be another group of youth who have academic degrees.

Focusing on the basic skills needed to enter the job market, the training tackles skills that will help graduates find job opportunities such as CV writing, basics of job interviews, communication with colleagues, professional ethics, self-confidence, and working within a team.

The project aims to develop youth’s potential and provide them with skills needed to increase their job-readiness, depend on themselves, and enhance their integration within the society so they can have a role in its development. After the training, PEFE will work on linking the graduates to companies and organizations to help them find jobs.

Mr. Saro Nakashian, PEFE Chief Executive Officer, praised the partnership with Taawon, noting that this is the first project to be implemented within this partnership in Gaza. Mr. Nakashian added that the social segment benefitting from the project is one of the most worthy and deserving of such support, and he stressed that PEFE works to serve Palestinian youth and help them take the first step in their careers.

“Mustaqbali” is a holistic 22-year program launched by the Abraaj Group in association with Taawon in 2009 immediately after the assault on Gaza to empower orphaned children with the skills and opportunities necessary to lead healthy, independent and productive lives.