Extracurricular activities within the Support Education Project

Tamer Institute for Community Education has implemented several activities for expressive arts aimed at promoting culture and expression, and supporting knowledge and creative production within the Future Education Program funded by the Abraaj Group and under the supervision of Taawon organization.

The expressive arts included music, theater, public speaking and technological applications. A group of children were selected in each activity through exploratory visits to the host centers of the education project supporting children of Mustaqbali program.

More than 80 children participated in the chorale group. About 40 children were selected to train them on the choir performance. Twenty-six children were selected for theatrical training and to learn the principles of acting.

We are also working with about 8 children with radio performance so they could produce a story from the curriculum and one from children’s literature books, with a radio recording their voices. They were selected out of 30 children after being tested for their radio presentation skills.

13 year-old Abdel Rahman Benner says the experience of the radio and sound recording is one of the most beautiful things he has ever experienced in his life. It was his first experience standing in front of the loudspeaker at the radio recording room.

For technology applications, interested children will have three applications that will help them understand the curriculum and connect them with the world of inventions and technological inventions, and will spread their experiences with their peers.

It is noteworthy that Mustaqbali program is an integrated program launched in 2009 immediately after the aggression on Gaza, and was designed to extend for 22 years to enable orphaned children in Gaza and provide them with a decent life by providing educational opportunities and physical and psychological health and skills that drive them because They are productive and active members of society.