Enhancing self-expression

Mustaqbali program, through local partner Tamer Institute for Community Education, implemented many performing arts activities to enhance the culture of targeted orphans, their self-expression and supporting their creativity and knowledge.

The activities were part of the Mustaqbali remedial education project which is funded by Abraaj Group through Taawon.

Performing arts included music created by Al-Sununu choirs where more than 80 children participated, 40 were selected for the music activity and 26 for drama and acting.

In addition, eight children have the talent of radio presentation and voiceover making for stories and children literature to record with their beautiful voices. This was the first time for this group to have such experience and speak using a microphone in a recording booth.

There has also been technology application activities where many interested children applied what they studied into technological inventions and will help their piers to make similar experiments.

Mustaqbali’s program is a holistic 22-year initiative that empowers orphaned children with the skills and opportunities necessary to lead healthy, independent and productive lives.