Art of Expression

“We sing for our dreams to be bigger, for flowers, for almonds, for homes and people. We sing for land that we love.” with such words a group of Mustaqbali children sang during the final ceremony of the project “Remedial Education activities” funded by Abraaj Group, supervised by Taawon and implemented in partnership with Tamer Institute in Gaza.

The ceremony, which included a small art and technology exhibition, was a celebration by and for the 682 children from Mustaqbali program to encourage them to discover themselves, to speak out and show their talents. The project improved their creativity and art and gave them an opportunity to speak out and be creative through drama, writing, music, technology applications, storytelling, filmmaking and arts.

Children had intensive training for nine months in such topics with specialized trainers.

Previously, a play was performed by 25 participants from Mustaqbali children and they made a great effort in from writing the scrept and preparing onstage performances which were attended by 800 audience from families and representatives of local organizations.