Sondos and steps toward her dream

Sondos Ali lives with her mother Fatima and four siblings: Noor (a college student), Abd El-Rahman (10th grade), Mohammed (8th grade), Lana (4th grade) in ​​Gaza City. She lost her father during the assault on Gaza in 2008-2009 which has impacted her life.

Sondos is a student in the Mustaqbali program and actively participated in  educational activities since 6th grade.

With the support of remedial education sessions, in 2016, she finished high school and achieved 98.6% (in her final exams).  She aspires to be a doctor, and this year, we are proud to support her enrollment in the medicine faculty to achieve her dream.

Sondos is happy to embark on her dreams of becoming a doctor and asked for continuation of Mustaqbali’s support till she finishes her higher education.  She is  multi-skilled, an enthusiastic learner, loves drawing and has participated in co-curricular activities to practice and develop her hobby.

Mustaqbali enables the right of education to children, from kindergarten through to undergraduate university studies. Students are provided with: full scholarships; educational supplies including uniforms, books, and stationery; Access to remedial and support classes; and extra-curricular activities that foster creativity, leadership and citizenship.